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PCR plates
PCR plates
PCR plates
PCR plates
PCR plates
PCR plates
PCR plates
Product Detail


●Made of medical grade polypropylene

● Ultra-thin wall design, fast and uniform heat transfer; semi-skirt design has a stable structure, and no skirt design is easy to cut. The convex plate can be used for simultaneous experiment operation with 8 tube covers and multiple specimens

● Mold-injected vertical and horizontal coordinate markings for easy sample identification; flat surface and convex design around the hole, which is convenient for heat-resistant film adsorption to ensure sealing

● No RNase, no DNase, no endotoxin


Product parameters:

● Working temperature: -20℃ -100℃;

● It can be equipped with conventional brand PCR instrument, which can withstand the centrifugal force of the fully supported rotor: 6000RCF


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