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2d Barcode Cryovial
2d Barcode Cryovial
2d Barcode Cryovial

2d Barcode Cryovial

Product Detail


● Use 100% polypropylene raw material (PP) that meets the requirements of USP standards

● Two sizes of 0.5ml and 1.5ml, and equipped with cryotube box dedicated for low-temperature storage, 100 pcs/box

● Multi-code integration for cryopreservation tubes: QR code at the bottom of the tube + barcode in the writing area + digital number. The identification information of each pipe body is unique. Two-dimensional code and bar code are laser etched, no fading, no peeling, strong stability

● The black scale of the tube body is clearly printed, a large white writing area, and the tube cover is available in multiple colors

● The product is DNase-free, RNase-free, pyrogen-free, and endotoxin-free; it is sterilized by gamma irradiation


Product parameters:

● Temperature tolerance range: -196℃ -121℃

● Can be stored in ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen (-196℃), no bursting, well-sealed, no leakage


Cap color: 0- white, 1- red, 2- green, 3- blue, 4- purple, 5- yellow

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